First Tournament of the English Debate League 2009/2010

In November 2009 three members of our debate club – Matúš Bachan, Veronika Janovcová and Jaroslav Leitmann took part in the First Tournament of the English Debate League 2009/2010 which was held in Košice. We were motivated to do our best after last year’s success when team Sučany reached the semi-finals and Mária Fujková among Slovak national team won the whole tournament.

We debated on motions like: This house believes that all forms of gambling should be prohibited or This House believes that Olympics do not serve its purpose. After the preliminary rounds we got through to the semi-finals where we had to face Slovak National team. As the announcement of the finalists was approaching we were more and more nervous. It was such a release when we found out that team Sučany was going through to the finals! Our opponent for the finals – Czech national team was a true challenge.

Even though we had only few hours of sleep we were so excited to debate the other day. The motion of the final was following: This House believes that the state should create a DNA database of all its citizens. Athough our czech opponents won with score 4:1 we were pleased with our performance since it was our very first debate tournament in English.

Jaroslav Leitmann

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