International Schools Debate Tournament Malacky

This year we had an amazing opportunity to particiapate in the very first international debate tournament for high schol students held in Slovakia – Malacky. Six members of our debate club - Matúš Bachan, Veronika Janovcová, Jaroslav Leitmann, Matej Kohár, Martin Veselý and Diana Jeleňová competed against teams from Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia and other European countries.

Throughout the tournament we debated on different motions. We had prepare our arguments about foreign troops leaving Afghanistan or whether public should have the right veto to any construction plans in cities. After the preliminary rounds the team Bachan, Janovcová and Leitmann got through to the quarterfinals where there successfully won and got through to the semi-finals. The motion for this round: This house believes that state should not support churches which refuse openly gay people in clergy was definitely one of the most controversial ones. Even though our opponents – team Slovenia became finalists of the tournament we were not disappointed at all since we became the most successful team from Slovakia and our debaters ranked among the best speakers of the tournament – M. Kohár 3rd place, V. Janovcová – 5th place and J.Leitmann 10th place.

The international atmosphere was pleasurable and therefore we encountered a lot of nice people from Europe who have the very same passion as we do – the debate.

Jaroslav Leitmann

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